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Reviews : Doctor Testimonials

“I have been working with the staff of All Island Medical for over 8 years and I could not be happier with their performance.  The billing staff is extremely knowledgeable about the specifics and fine details of medical billing for dermatology.  They are extremely prompt and capable in sending and following up on claims, and work to capture every last amount of revenue that is due.  I am able to review and analyze the financials of my practice in an easy comprehensive manner due to the frequent summary reports that All Island provides and they make themselves available to review these reports in great detail.  Some of the most important financial decisions I make about my practice are made based on their financial summary reports.  In addition, by outsourcing billing out of my office, I have lowered my overhead significantly. 

I recommend All Island Medical with the highest degree of enthusiasm.  They are an outstanding operation.  They will work for you as if they were an in-house biller, but without the headache of having the extra staff and space needed for an in house biller.”

-  Lance H. Brown, M.D.

“We couldn't have made a better decision by choosing All Island. The staff is very knowledgeable regarding dermatology- specific coding and the latest regulations with insurance companies.  Our A/R over 90 days is usually under 10%, their rates are fair and it’s relieved me of many stresses involved in running a practice. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL ISLAND MEDICAL BILLING SOLUTIONS, INC.”

- Jeffrey A. Sklar, M.D.

"All Island has been handling my billing for the over 6 years. The staff is very reliable, consistent and knowledgeable on all facets of the billing process. They submit my claims in a timely fashion and take the necessary action to get payment of unpaid claims. They have taken the burden out of my office - leaving us with no interruptions when it comes to billing.  There is a steady flow of income to the practice and any questions or concerns I have are addressed quickly and accurately.  I would recommend All Island Medical Billing to any dermatological practice"

-  Isabella Ilarda, M.D.

"For almost two years now, All Island has been handling my billing.  The experience has been better than seamless: the old headaches of doing our own billing are gone.   Their advice on all related matters has been invaluable."

-  Pamela Basuk, M.D.   |    Basuck Medical Services,PLLC